Friday, July 25

50 random things about me

Ok, so I am assuming that if you are reading this then you want to get to know me and what I am about. So I thought I would tell you some random things about myself.

1. I am Christian.

2. I have 2 kiddos, one boy (G) and one girl (N).

3. I like math, you might say I love it...

4. I couldn't read until I was in the 5th grade.

5. We live on EXACTLY $1605.00 a month and do not get welfare, food stamps, WIC or any other government aid.

6. I majored in ceramics.

7. I LOVE kids.

8. In fact I want 12 children. (Yes, I am crazy!)

9. I want to home school them.

10. I ONLY use cloth diapers.

11. I am married to a medical student (doctor to be)

12. I have had a hospital birth and a water birth.

13. I prefer the water birth.

14. I am trying to learn Russian.

15. I don't know a time that I couldn't crochet.

16. I enjoy knitting more than crochet.

17. I like spinning more than knitting.

18. I prefer variegated yarn, regardless of pooling (when the colors are right on top of one another)

19. My favorite drink is milk. (whole milk is preferable)

20. I could not live with out coffee (Ok, I could but it would very hard!)

21. We tithe 10 percent of our income every month.

22. I am a chocoholic.

23. I love my mother in law.

24. I am the eldest of three girls.

25. My favorite color is violet (it sounds better than purple).

26. I LOVE Veggie Tales.

27. My favorite vegetable is brussel sprouts (steamed).

28. I am ADD.

29. I am dyslexic.

30. I like liver.

31. My car doesn't have A/C.

32. I am a stay at home mom.

33. I am not completely convinced that there is such a thing as global warming, but I do like the green movement. (God put mankind as stewards of the Earth, so we should be the best stewards of the Earth that we can be!)

34. I breast fed my first child exclusively for the first 6 months.

35. I intend to do the same for the second.

36. I like guns.

37. I like to go shooting.

38. In fact, I am looking for another woman to go shooting with (the range has a ladies night every Thursday and it would be fun! Really!)

39. I did not start drinking coffee until I started dating my husband.

40. I am one fourth Asian.

41. My hair is 22 inches long.

42. I trying to do Flylady... again.

43. I have horrible night vision so I try not to drive after dark.

44. I am super frugal.

45. My favorite fruit is strawberries.

46. My personal style is very bohemian.

47. I haven't shaved in more than a year (legs or arm pits... this is due to fact number 5 on this list).

48. I live in Fort Myers, Florida (right now at least).

49. I love bright colors.

50. I don't like to dress little baby girls (under 1 year) in pastel pink but am okay with dressing older girls in the color.

There you have it. 50 things about me.

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