Sunday, September 14

Miracle Preemie Hat

I hate when my ears are cold and I figured that little preemies would hate it too. Hence a hat that covers the ears.

And in case anyone wants to know, you can get your own doll at Target or Wal*mart in the toy section. Just remember to bring your tape measurer so you know what size preemie (baby doll) you have. Another thing you can remember is that small preemies are born with heads about the size of an apple or orange, so if you don't want to buy a doll you can just buy fresh fruit instead!

Yarn: Soft Baby Solid by Red Heart
Hook: J/10-6.00mm

  • I made this with 2 strands held together.
  • Finished hat should fit a 1 pound to 3 pound preemie.
  • Repeats are from * to *.


Ch 2
sc 6 st into first ch, connect.
ch 1, *sc 2 into next st, sc* connect.
ch 1, *sc, sc 2 into next st, sc* connect.
ch 1, *sc, sc, sc 2 into next st, sc* connect.
continue with pattern adding sc's until you have 11 rows (36 stitches).

ch 1, *sc, sc, sc 2 st tog, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc 2 into next st, sc, sc* connect.
repeat this for 8 rows.

Note: this pattern has NOT been tested. Please do tell me if there are any issues.

CTM: Thank you for the correction! I have added the 2 stitches needed in red! I no longer have the hat so I think I got them added correctly.


Aunt Kathy said...

I love your doll model, lol. I never have a model when I need one. Love the hat too

Anonymous said...

Adorable! You are so talented!

Grandma Ginny

Kadee said...

I have a few questions. so when you connect that's a slip stitch? and how many time do you repeat each * and then do you repeat that whole 3 line sequence? sorry for the questions, I'm a bit of a beginner, but think the hat's adorable and would love to make some.

MamaMay said...

the hat is made from the top down so you need to make more stitches.

I do use a slip stitch but know people that use other stitches for the connect.

the repeat (*'s) is made 3 times (it makes the points).

T said...

Hi, MamaMay. Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern. I am in the middle of making one and I am a little confused. After the first 11 rows you are left with 36 sts. Ok, so then when you go on to make the next row it only has 10 sts in it:
"ch 1, *sc, sc, sc 2 st tog, sc, sc, sc, sc, sc 2 into next st, sc* connect."
I know you are to repeat these 10 sts three times, but that only makes 30 sts. Still 6 short. I am not sure what I am supposed to do here. I would really appreciate your help and again thank you SO much for this adorable pattern.

Anonymous said...


so i got to the shaping rounds (rnds 12-19?), and I did all but the last two according to the pattern with the correction, and my hat looked sort of like a boulder--that is to say, kinda lumpy. Not bad looking by any means, just not shapely.

I pulled back through the 2nd round of shaping and decided I'd try to increase and decrease directly over the previous round's increases and decreases. This has pretty much worked out except the increase "moves" and eventually I have to have an increase in the same place as a decrease (!)

Now I'm wondering if it's my method of joining rounds that's throwing me off. If that is your seam showing in the first pic, above, then it is much straighter than my seam. My seam wraps around all spirally.

I think now I will pull back to the beginning of the shaping and try a different method for joining the rounds which will make the seam straighter...and maybe that will...erm--striaghten things out :)


I'm just gonna keep working this--I'm fairly experienced so the challenge is exciting and unexpected :)


Anonymous said...

therrrre we go!

I switched to a 4.0mm hook because I happened to measure my half done hat and it was 11" around at its widest and it was about halfway done. I have a pretty relaxed tension, plus I'm using worsted yarn--so I'm improvising a little. (I found a preemie/newborn size chart, and the preemie I'm crocheting for, according to the chart, would have a 9.5-10" head circumference, here's the chart if anyone's interested: )

so there's that...

After starting completely over, I decided to use this joining method, or connect, as you say in the pattern:

after the last st. of the round, slst in 1st sc of the round, ch1, 1st st of new round in same st as slst just made.

this made my seam SO much straighter and only 3 rounds into the shaping, it's shaping up NICELY and everything is aligned (increases over increases, decreases over decreases).

Just as a suggestion, I might specify this joining method within the pattern. My seam was so spirally because I was joining in the first st of the round, ch1, then making the first st of the new round in the NEXT st--it just continually shifted everything around...which works for other things, but not this one!


sorry for the wordy comments heist!

thanks for the pattern!

Anonymous said...

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