Monday, February 7

Of Pink and Yellow

IMG_20110207_124530.jpgSo N saw a babydoll dress on Ravelry and she wanted it.  I figured, why not, lets teach her to dye yarn and I will knit it. After some fits and starts I figured out that the baby doll this lady owns is a little bigger than ours was so it is a new pattern that happens to look a lot alike on top.  N also wanted a "ruffle skirt" so we got that too.  Pretty sure the skirt can be modified to look like the other, but you are on your own!  (Also by accident I found this dress fits TY beany baby bears.)

So on to the pattern!

Of Pink and Yellow

Yarn: Sock yarn/fingering weight yarn.  I uses some superwash I got as a gift and then dyed it with kool-aid.

Needled: 3.25 mm ciculars (magic loop it!)

Gauge:6 stitches/inch and 8 rows/inch.

stitches used:
cast on:CO
make one: M1 (I used yarn overs for this but I like lace...)
cast off... This is the same as Bind off.  

CO 60. connect into round
rows 1-5: *k2,p2* repeat inside stars for all 5 rows.
row 6: knit
row 7: *k1, m1* repeat inside stars for whole row.
row 8-15: knit
row 16: cast off 30, knit 30, cast off 30, knit 30.  reconnect
row 17-27: knit.
row 27 and 28: *k1, m1* repeat inside stars for both rows.
row 29 and on: knit all.

I made my skirt 18 rows because I ran out of yarn.  More would look good too.

Also, if you want to know how I dyed this yarn... check out this post...

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