Wednesday, July 30

Oh NO!!!

Little G has had tummy issues since being born. Cramps up, crys, gas, you get it the whole works. Well last week I tried not drinking any coffee, and guess what, he didn't have any tummy issues...

This does not bode well for me.

I love coffee, LOVE IT, I say! And I might not be able to drink the wonderful stuff until he is weaned... He is 3 months old and since I am going to breastfeed for a full year that makes 9 months with out coffee.

This does not bode well at all.

The things you give up for children...

Sunday, July 27

Wishful thinking

Money is tight... really tight... and I think my daughter is just figuring out that we don't do things because of this special thing called money. This makes me sad. I wish I could give her everything. I wish we could go to the zoo, or the park (you have to pay to park at the parks here! Whats up with that!?), or well, anywhere really. We have recently been going to Chick-fil-A and I have been having a coffee while she has been playing for hours, but really I can only afford that 2 times a week, and really not even that if I am honest with myself...

Of course I am most likely projecting. I probably am just feeling the crunch and being wishful on her part. She probably doesn't know that she is missing out on anything.

Friday, July 25

50 random things about me

Ok, so I am assuming that if you are reading this then you want to get to know me and what I am about. So I thought I would tell you some random things about myself.

1. I am Christian.

2. I have 2 kiddos, one boy (G) and one girl (N).

3. I like math, you might say I love it...

4. I couldn't read until I was in the 5th grade.

5. We live on EXACTLY $1605.00 a month and do not get welfare, food stamps, WIC or any other government aid.

6. I majored in ceramics.

7. I LOVE kids.

8. In fact I want 12 children. (Yes, I am crazy!)

9. I want to home school them.

10. I ONLY use cloth diapers.

11. I am married to a medical student (doctor to be)

12. I have had a hospital birth and a water birth.

13. I prefer the water birth.

14. I am trying to learn Russian.

15. I don't know a time that I couldn't crochet.

16. I enjoy knitting more than crochet.

17. I like spinning more than knitting.

18. I prefer variegated yarn, regardless of pooling (when the colors are right on top of one another)

19. My favorite drink is milk. (whole milk is preferable)

20. I could not live with out coffee (Ok, I could but it would very hard!)

21. We tithe 10 percent of our income every month.

22. I am a chocoholic.

23. I love my mother in law.

24. I am the eldest of three girls.

25. My favorite color is violet (it sounds better than purple).

26. I LOVE Veggie Tales.

27. My favorite vegetable is brussel sprouts (steamed).

28. I am ADD.

29. I am dyslexic.

30. I like liver.

31. My car doesn't have A/C.

32. I am a stay at home mom.

33. I am not completely convinced that there is such a thing as global warming, but I do like the green movement. (God put mankind as stewards of the Earth, so we should be the best stewards of the Earth that we can be!)

34. I breast fed my first child exclusively for the first 6 months.

35. I intend to do the same for the second.

36. I like guns.

37. I like to go shooting.

38. In fact, I am looking for another woman to go shooting with (the range has a ladies night every Thursday and it would be fun! Really!)

39. I did not start drinking coffee until I started dating my husband.

40. I am one fourth Asian.

41. My hair is 22 inches long.

42. I trying to do Flylady... again.

43. I have horrible night vision so I try not to drive after dark.

44. I am super frugal.

45. My favorite fruit is strawberries.

46. My personal style is very bohemian.

47. I haven't shaved in more than a year (legs or arm pits... this is due to fact number 5 on this list).

48. I live in Fort Myers, Florida (right now at least).

49. I love bright colors.

50. I don't like to dress little baby girls (under 1 year) in pastel pink but am okay with dressing older girls in the color.

There you have it. 50 things about me.

Saturday, July 12


I hate writing a first post. Really I do. What do you write about? It isn't like anyone is reading it anyway, at least until you get some readership and then they go back to the first post to get back story. Well, if you want back story, you are out of luck on this post. Sorry.