Thursday, September 17

Vanity sizing and why it is bad...

Let me begin by saying that I was blessed with my father's genes in that I reached my full hight and waist size at 13. I remember going to the Gap and buying my first set of non children's size cloths and being so happy. I was a size 2 had a 28 inch waist with 32 inch hips.

I still have the same measurements when not pregnant, but now I when I shop for jeans I seem to wear a size 14 in childrens.

Now I understand that stores and fashion designers sell more if they "vanity size" things, and I know it started in the Victorian Age when a size 16 ment you had a 16 inch waist and considering that in Marilyn Monroe's time a size 16 was more like today's size 8, this vanity sizing thing is going much faster into the super sizes than ever before.

But that isn't the point of my post. The point is that I am normally a size 14 in childrens and need maternity clothes... Which for some reason are not made in childrens sizes... I am really dislikeing vanity sizes... Can't I just tome travel to some time in the early 90s and get clothing there?

Wednesday, September 2

WOW! Been a while!

I am really sorry, I have been really busy. N is getting surgery Oct. 1 and the house is still a mess.

What the surgery thing is just out of the blue? Well, yea, it kinda is. See, N has a strange growth in her neck. It is basically a bit of skin that make a pocket in her neck. It gets infected and then you have to squeeze the puss out like you would pop a zit. It isn't likely to kill her but it could become infected with something really bad and then she could die. So they are going to cut it out now that she is big enough to do so.