Tuesday, September 21

The Heavens Proclaim His Glory

Book sneeze sent me another book!   This one is just lovely too!  It has glorious full color pages of star scapes with Biblical and Christian minded quotes.  This is not a challenging book, it is instead a feel good book.

Personally I think the book is lovely.  It isn't one to push you into new thoughts or concepts and the pictures are so pretty.  It is perfect for a coffee table, so I would recommend it as a gift at a house warming.  It isn't bound by one doctrine or another, from what I can see, so it would be a good gift to many different denominations.  

(Oh and if you want to receive and review Christian books for free on your blog check Book Sneeze out!  I love the fact that they want you to be completely honest about what you think too!)


I found this meme today and thought, why not?

I am thankful for so many things.  Healthy kids, for finding the time to get 2 knitted projects done this week (I know, I will be posting pictures!) and having a lovely hubby... just to name a few.

Check out Heavenly homemakers for more!

Monday, September 20

Menu planning

Ok, I am changing the menu plan start day.  Turns out that you can get money for your recycling at the store I frequent on Tuesdays.

Anyway, I didn't male ANYTHING on last weeks menu plan because I realized that I had a freezer full of frozen leftovers... yea... I need that space...

Tuesday: Aussie Chicken with rice

Wednesday: left overs (make noodles day! Thanks MIL for the birthday present of the noodle attachment for the kitchen aid)

Thursdays:  lasagna (with home made noodles!)

Friday: mac and cheese with tuna and peas (home made sauce and noodles)

Saturday: mexi wraps

Sunday: left overs

Monday: pot roast

And check out MPM for more great ideas!

Sunday, September 12

Menu plan

Ok, last week I make a menu plan, but do to not having internet, I didn't post.

Good news I am saving money on this, even though I am not getting any circulars and only basing this on coupons.

Monday: Stuffed green peppers

Tuesday: 5 bean casserole topped with cheese

Wendsday: left overs

Thursday: Tuna, cheese and rice via crock pot (taking this recipe and just running with adding stuff to it!)

Friday: left over wraps

Saturday: Aussie Chicken (we have guests!)

Sunday: left overs

for more menu plans hit http://orgjunkie.com/