Tuesday, March 30

Thank You!

Well, we have yet another visitor. A college friend/old roommate of my hubbies, SG. He is really nice and brought me hardware to get pictures off my camera and onto my computer... Yep. Thank you, SG!

Sunday, March 28

God's Little Princess Bible

This is a wonderful Bible for little girls. I would say it is perfect for ages 4 to about 10. This is a devotional Bible and as such it has a page of Bible versus and then a few pages of about what it means and applying it to a little girls life. Lots is left out (like as in whole chapters!) but it hits the highlights.

My daughter loves this hard back devotional. She sleeps with it under pillow every night since we got it and considering the “love” it has gotten, it is in very good shape. The has me read it to her often (she is 4 so reading isn't something she can do yet). I think the layout is visually appealing and the colors are pretty (my daughter is VERY into pink... and there are plenty of pink pages!). They use lots of different fonts throughout the book which makes me think it might be hard for my daughter read when first learning but should be a short term problem.

I received this book for free via Booksneeze, so I could give a 100% truthful account of what I thought of this book.  They are my thoughts and not that of booksneeze or the author (well, at least they aren't to MY knowledge!).  You can join too and review books, just follow the link!

Saturday, March 27

Easter Eggs hunt

The Assmebly of God Church in our area had a Easter Egg hunt today.  N and G had a blast.   G got about 6 eggs, while N got herself about 12. 

Knitting wise I am working on socks.  I have a design in the wings for one pair but promised hubby to get 2 projects fully completed before starting the designing process.  Don't think it will happen but I seem to have issues finishing items (like all those 95% completed projects on the side bar... yea... *stares at that for a second*... yea, still need to get photos and blocking figured out... blocking board needed...).  So we will see what happens.  Very likely I will start knitting them when the new baby is born in the hospital.  I will have 2 days child free so knitting time will be there to have!

Friday, March 26

this is just crazy!

ok, so last week my in laws (MIL, FIL, BIL and SIL) all came to visit and let just say, they are 4 VERY different personalities that all think a Hawaiian vacation is something different. My FIL is up before the sun and loves physical activity. Hiking, scuba, snorkeling and the like is just made for him! My MIL likes the beach and grand kids so anything they can come to is GREAT but she goes with the flow. My SIL likes to get up at the crack of noon... and well, she likes to shop... a lot. BIL just doesn't want to spend too much money and wants to go do stuff (like my hubby he seems to think vacation time is time to get things like car repairs caught up on... not that I am going to complain about him working on my car... I am VERY glad he checked my breaks!)

Next week one of our family friends is coming to visit for 3 days. And I am just getting the house under control.

On a better note I got my Blog all snazzed up. It looks pretty now!

Friday, March 12

Ok, so what have I been up to...

Well, alot actually....

Let me give the highlights:

Late Feb.: The hospital suspected me of preterm labor and admitted me overnight. It wasn't the case, so thank the Lord. Oh and G decides that he wants to start the terriable 2's early... as in that day... great! Well at least the new baby hasn't come yet so I have time to work on that!

The day following the my SIL, RA came to visit. She is a knitter so... well, we had fun... dyeing yarn, shopping for yarn.... and visiting the beach and the other fun things to do in Hawaii... I lover her!

We then get a week or so the "clean house" so to speak, before my MIL, FIL, BIL (R) and SIL (T) show up. It is going to VERY busy agian VERY soon. Not only that but I am only a mediocer house keeper while my MIL and SIL have SPOTLESS homes.... yea..., kinda feeling that..., but hey, I knit!

So that is about what has been going on! Wow, that took less time than I thought...

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Thursday, March 11

I need to just start posting agian...

Ok, so I kinda took an unscheduled hiatus from posting. I need to get back to it. I also now have hubby telling me I need to take photos... how bad is that?