Sunday, March 28

God's Little Princess Bible

This is a wonderful Bible for little girls. I would say it is perfect for ages 4 to about 10. This is a devotional Bible and as such it has a page of Bible versus and then a few pages of about what it means and applying it to a little girls life. Lots is left out (like as in whole chapters!) but it hits the highlights.

My daughter loves this hard back devotional. She sleeps with it under pillow every night since we got it and considering the “love” it has gotten, it is in very good shape. The has me read it to her often (she is 4 so reading isn't something she can do yet). I think the layout is visually appealing and the colors are pretty (my daughter is VERY into pink... and there are plenty of pink pages!). They use lots of different fonts throughout the book which makes me think it might be hard for my daughter read when first learning but should be a short term problem.

I received this book for free via Booksneeze, so I could give a 100% truthful account of what I thought of this book.  They are my thoughts and not that of booksneeze or the author (well, at least they aren't to MY knowledge!).  You can join too and review books, just follow the link!

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