Friday, March 26

this is just crazy!

ok, so last week my in laws (MIL, FIL, BIL and SIL) all came to visit and let just say, they are 4 VERY different personalities that all think a Hawaiian vacation is something different. My FIL is up before the sun and loves physical activity. Hiking, scuba, snorkeling and the like is just made for him! My MIL likes the beach and grand kids so anything they can come to is GREAT but she goes with the flow. My SIL likes to get up at the crack of noon... and well, she likes to shop... a lot. BIL just doesn't want to spend too much money and wants to go do stuff (like my hubby he seems to think vacation time is time to get things like car repairs caught up on... not that I am going to complain about him working on my car... I am VERY glad he checked my breaks!)

Next week one of our family friends is coming to visit for 3 days. And I am just getting the house under control.

On a better note I got my Blog all snazzed up. It looks pretty now!

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