Sunday, October 24

Love and Respect Reveiw and Book Giveaway!

Ok, so long time no post.  Sorry, been busy and haven't really had the time.  But I did get a new book from Book Sneeze and need to review it.

This is a great little gift book.  It is cute and full of great Bible verses on love, respect and forgiveness in a marriage.   It would be a great gift for newlyweds or anyone married. 

Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs has some really great advice in it.  The manner the information is presented is very locical and straightforward.  It goes into how women don't always want a "fix" to a problem but rather want to be heard while men like to go do things as a way of feeling close. Dr. Eggerich uses biblical principals and verses to back up what he says in almost all instances.

So now the Giveaway!  Why yes, you can with this very book!  I know you want to!

You must be 18 years or older and have an United States mailing address.  Chances of winning based on how many people enter.  I will be selecting winners based on Random number generator at   EVERY comment must have your email address/contact info of some sort.  Those without contact info will be thrown out!   Contest ends on November 10th at midnight Hawaiian time.  Winner will be contacted within 48 hours and has 72 hours to claim the prize.  I reserve the right to hold a new contest or choose a new winner via if they do not claim the prize.

Ways to enter:

* Comment on this post. (1 entry)
* Stumble, Digg, Twitter, facebook or some other social networking thing (1 entry per page on my blog that share... yes you can do multiple pages to get multiple entries, and you must comment for each entry)
* Blog on your own blog about this contest and link to my blog.  (1 entry and you must comment so I know you did it.)

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Friday, October 8

Meal Plan

Ok, so I have been neglecting to plan my meals lately.  Mostly because I seem to have so many left overs frozen that I can't really make more meals.  Weird huh.

So we are just going to go and make meals 3 days a week and eat left overs every other day.  Seems fair right?  Hope it works.

So tonight:
left over soup with bread and salad

sausage and cabbage steamed

same as Sat?


left overs

and then I go shopping for groceries.  fun stuff that!

Wednesday, October 6

that boring catch up post...

Well there is lots of news really. 

We are having fall break so N is home lots this month.  The teacher and I have been discussing her progress and it has pretty much been decided that she will be in kindergarten next year as well.  This is good, she is already "behind" because I guess kindergarteners are supposed to know simple addition and subtraction by the time they enter school... who knew.

G is being a total 2 year old and a total boy.  We are having potty training issues.  completely not willing to use that thing.  We have been working on it, on and off doe over 6 months... needless to say I am peeved that potty training hasn't panned out, but that is because I am tired of washing 2 kids diapers...

J is just being small and cuddly... way too cuddly...  We had a doctors appointment (and got shots... hence the cuddly I don't feel well baby...) on Monday and they think he has failure to thrive.  He is below the 1 percentile in weight and length.   They are going to a non invasive bone density test with x-rays to see what is up.  I am kinda freaked out about this because... well... I have never heard of this stuff before and with all the weird DNA related not fun stuff on my side of the family... well I might be jumping the gun...

As for me I am attempting to get a jewelry class started at Ben Franklin Crafts.   Might be able to get some money, which would be nice.