Thursday, July 30

Lots of updates

Well, mostly unpacked. Still need 2 more bookshelves and need to move a few ceder chests but that will have to wait until MIL and FIL show up.

The next door neighbor is giving birth as I type. She will be having a boy and has 3 other littles so I know she will need help.

I have been meeting a bunch of cloth diaperers here, many more than I knew in FL. It is nice because I don't get questioned as much about why I cloth diaper here.

Friday, July 24

Swine Flu and A Broken Spinning Wheel

So this morning I got a call telling me that N's results were in and that N had the Swine Flu. She was tested for it 2 weeks ago and is now well over it. It is nice to know that she has had it and that is one more illness that we can cross off the list.

So little N is better but my spinning wheel is not. Seems that if you let a spinning wheel sit unused for several years things weaken and will break under the pressure of a 3 year old jumping up and down on them... like the foot pedals plastic connection to the wheel. Thankfully it can be fixed easily with some leather (we have leather so I can fix it at my leisure). Still sucks.

Thursday, July 23

Avoidiance behavior

I am madly trying to get the house under control so I can have fun when my MIL comes. I know her, she will want to play, and so will I and if the house isn't completely she won't let us play (Sometimes I need to be sat on to get working... which is why I get along with her so well, she is as stubborn as me but twice as nice.)

So back to the house: It is driving me nuts, mostly because I don't have places to put most of these things and I need something to entertain the kids while I pay attention to this box I am unpacking and not to them. N is easier, give her crayons and paper and she is so happy she will color at the table (and not on it) for hours, but G... well, he wants to see mommy at all times so if mommy isn't in view, well the world has come to a screaming end.

We need to buy furniture (bookshelves mostly) but Hubby wants to be there when I buy it so that is on hold until he stops getting up at 03:30 (3:30 am) each morning to get to work and gets back at around 20:00 (8:00 pm). It is just frustrating.

Tuesday, July 14


The kids came down with something last night, or I should say N came down with it, G is just being a butt and wants stay up late and play with N. N just wants to sleep.

I sign for the keys tomorrow at 10. I need to get up early an take all the bags down to the car tomorrow morning.

Monday, July 13

Saw the house!

So we (meaning hubby) signed on a house today! We will be living within walking distance to EVERYTHING. Rocking!

Wednesday, July 8

Long nights... longer days.

Living in a hotel room is not conducive to knitting/crocheting, let alone designing. I have designs running through my head but haven't had the time do anything about it.

In other news I have been toying with the idea of actually publishing a book. Either dishcloths or kids clothing. We will see. Need to get better at photography if I do that, or find a REALLY killer photographer (I have one not nearby but really want one close by).

Monday, July 6


Well, we are still in a hotel and it looks like that will be the case until the 13th - 15th of July. At least we will be getting a 3 bedroom house.

Friday, July 3


I am planning on changing my color scheme. I have 2 sets I like but can't decide on: this one or this one.