Tuesday, April 28


Well, still "moving". Right now I am at my parents house. I am working on my mother day present for my mom. I am cleaning out all the dead leaves from her yard. I am taking before and after photos and when I am done moving plan of posting them.

G is starting to talk more. So far his vocabulary is "Mu" for me, "Da-du" for hubby and "Uh-uh" for Uh oh. For some reason he only says "Uh-uh" when he drops food on the floor. Must be a boy to be so food minded.

N is missing home and keeps asking to "go in plane home" or "go house up steps". Since we flew here I am betting she is missing FL and considering that we lived on the 3rd floor in FL "up steps" makes sense. We only have another month before we have a new place.

Friday, April 10

Moved! sorta...

Well I am in Kansas at my parents house now. The have internet so updates will be forthcoming. The most interesting thing that happened was the arrest that happened on the plane. Seems some really drunk guy had to have a smoke in the bathroom on 3 separate instances. Just so you know, if someone flushed a cigarette that isn't fully out doesn't he toilet is can actually cause an explosion in flight. At least that is what the flight attendant said. He even had an accomplice calling the stewardess up to the front of the plane so he could go smoke more. Fun stuff that!