Tuesday, April 28


Well, still "moving". Right now I am at my parents house. I am working on my mother day present for my mom. I am cleaning out all the dead leaves from her yard. I am taking before and after photos and when I am done moving plan of posting them.

G is starting to talk more. So far his vocabulary is "Mu" for me, "Da-du" for hubby and "Uh-uh" for Uh oh. For some reason he only says "Uh-uh" when he drops food on the floor. Must be a boy to be so food minded.

N is missing home and keeps asking to "go in plane home" or "go house up steps". Since we flew here I am betting she is missing FL and considering that we lived on the 3rd floor in FL "up steps" makes sense. We only have another month before we have a new place.


My8kidsmom said...

Hope you get settled in soon!!! God bless!

mountain girl said...

Hey Girl,
Love your blog! Great to meet you at Hobby Lobby the other day - been using your "twisted diaper" trick ever since! By the way, what DO you use on your hair? (I've been trying to kick shampoos and conditioners, too.)