Sunday, August 31

Happy Birthday M!

It is my sister's birthday today! She is an intelligent, funny, and very pretty young lady. She is the sort that is too busy living her life to blog about it...

She is a great sister and I am glad to have her.

Changing blogs.

So I am changing my blog from to this one because several people have gotten me confused with She had hers first so I figured I should switch names. Due to all the hassle of backlinks and such I am keeping the other one open, just not going to post there anymore.

In other news, hubby is now gone for another month, which is both nice and annoying. I get to blog more, knit more, craft more and basically do more "me" stuff, but I miss him.... which sucks.

He left today at 7 am and already I have had an adventure. My phone got run over. Silly me I put it on my car and then started to drive to church. It fell off and when I went to get it some kid swirved to run it over. Talk about sucking. Good thing is that after I let it dry out, I put it back together and it still works! I love it! I might still buy a Go phone from Wal-mart and just put my SIMS card in it (Just so you know, if you have AT&T you can buy any old AT&T phone (about 25-30 dollars) and stick your SIMS card it it and it will work. No reason to go and BUY an super expensive phone).

Thursday, August 28

Happy anniversary!

Today I have been married 4 years. Wow how time flies.

Thinking back to when we got married, this was the year that we were going to start thinking about having kids. That didn't work out the way we planned! I got pregnant with N 5 months after getting married, not the "4 or 5 years" we had planned on. Of course, I couldn't think of living without N or G now. Glad God has better plans than us. Makes things easier knowing he is in control.

To celebrate we were going to try and get a babysitter, but decided that instead we just wanted to get sushi and bring it home. I LOVE raw fish and with hubby being in medical school this is a rare treat (Haha! I made a pun!).

Friday, August 15

Lost receipts!

I was going to post EVERYTHING I bought with food money, but I lost a few receipts so now I can't. But I will be posting more of what I have bought soon.

Friday, August 8


I just was reading this blog and she was talking about how she had found white hairs. This got me thinking about my own hair. You see I started going white at 23 years old. Sure, no one noticed it (not even my husband) noticed the white hairs around my face, but I was 23, I shouldn't have WHITE HAIR.

I then went back through the family tree and it seems that many women in my family start going white young. In fact, one of my Great Grandmas or Great Great Grandmas started to go white at 16.



So maybe I AM old enough to have white hair. Regardless I have it and truth be told, I like the white. I am going to keep it.

Wednesday, August 6

Wordless Wednesday

And the Rain, Rain, Rain came Down, Down, Down! These are pictures of the back of our apartment building, needless to say we got some flooding (Like we do with EVERY rain storm). The playground is under water too.

Tuesday, August 5


on 8-3-08 I bought 8.48 of fresh fruit from Publix.

2.86 lb at 1.99 a pound (sale!) = 5.69
2.55 lb at 0.69 a pound = 1.76
0.52 lb at 1.99 a pound = 1.03

Subtotal: 8.48

I then went to Walmart to get a "congrats on the new baby" card.

That was 2.23 because Walmart only carried ONE card to congratulate a birth but had about 5000 cards for birthdays... Who thought that one up?

Subtotal: 2.37

On Monday, I went to Chick-Fil-A for the FREE promo breakfast they have all this Aug. (this is only in Lee county FL so if you aren't here, sorry...) I felt guilty getting free breakfast so I bought a coffee too. That cost 1.27 with tax.

Subtotal: 1.27
Total: 12.12
Left: 232.15

Saturday, August 2

Hurray for the hubby!

It seems that coffee wasn't the reason little G was being so whiny, it was that he had a kink in his bowel and it was causing discomfort (making it so he couldn't go number 2). Daddy did some OMT on the little un and we had the 2 days of blowing out the diaper every hour or two. The best part is that G now only whines when he is tired and wants to go the bed, eat, or a diaper change. All things I can fix, which makes life MUCH less frustrating!

$244.27 left

I bought a Sam's Club membership today for 40 dollars. I should end up saving about 80 dollars just on milk in the next year (2.5 gallons a week and it is about 50 cents less at Sam's Club).

I also when shopping:

18 ct of XL eggs : 2.02
3 gallons of 2 % milk : 3.64 each

This means that after taxes (FL doesn't have food tax) I spent 54.94.

That makes 244.27 left.

Friday, August 1

Shopping right along...

I have finally had to up the food budget to 300 a month (though I am really going to try to keep it as close to 200 as possible). To help me I am going to start blogging EVERY food purchase starting today. (actually food budget purchase).This could get really boring, but I need it.


3 pound bag of yellow onions: 2.28
Greeting card to congratulate a graduation: 0.48

Total spent (tax included) 2.79

Money left this month: 297.21