Tuesday, August 5


on 8-3-08 I bought 8.48 of fresh fruit from Publix.

2.86 lb at 1.99 a pound (sale!) = 5.69
2.55 lb at 0.69 a pound = 1.76
0.52 lb at 1.99 a pound = 1.03

Subtotal: 8.48

I then went to Walmart to get a "congrats on the new baby" card.

That was 2.23 because Walmart only carried ONE card to congratulate a birth but had about 5000 cards for birthdays... Who thought that one up?

Subtotal: 2.37

On Monday, I went to Chick-Fil-A for the FREE promo breakfast they have all this Aug. (this is only in Lee county FL so if you aren't here, sorry...) I felt guilty getting free breakfast so I bought a coffee too. That cost 1.27 with tax.

Subtotal: 1.27
Total: 12.12
Left: 232.15

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