Sunday, August 31

Changing blogs.

So I am changing my blog from to this one because several people have gotten me confused with She had hers first so I figured I should switch names. Due to all the hassle of backlinks and such I am keeping the other one open, just not going to post there anymore.

In other news, hubby is now gone for another month, which is both nice and annoying. I get to blog more, knit more, craft more and basically do more "me" stuff, but I miss him.... which sucks.

He left today at 7 am and already I have had an adventure. My phone got run over. Silly me I put it on my car and then started to drive to church. It fell off and when I went to get it some kid swirved to run it over. Talk about sucking. Good thing is that after I let it dry out, I put it back together and it still works! I love it! I might still buy a Go phone from Wal-mart and just put my SIMS card in it (Just so you know, if you have AT&T you can buy any old AT&T phone (about 25-30 dollars) and stick your SIMS card it it and it will work. No reason to go and BUY an super expensive phone).

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Aunt Kathy said...

I am glad your phone works still. I like your new blog name too