Tuesday, November 25

Getting hubby to clean!

I admit it, I have a gamer husband (this means that hubby likes to play games online and on gaming systems). He also does not like to clean (neither do I but that is a different post).

So when I ran across "Chore Wars" I knew I had found something great, and I am pretty sure that other ladies related to gamers (Ok, and a few of you that ARE gamers... *cough cough*) will love this site.

The site is set up like D and D (Dungeons and Dragons) with mom as the game master (person that can set up what chores get how many points). You can also set it up that you can earn gold and "treasure" for defeating monsters that are encountered while doing the chore. These treasure can be anything you want, like a ticket to get out of doing one chore next week, or you can have a set amount of gold that can buy them out of a chore or something they are working towards (that toy that they have been begging for?). You can also set "quests" which are one time events (deep clean the basement for that X-mas party?) that can have special rewards. I do suggest that you have everyone in the family play if you are having kids play, so they know just how much work you really do.

Wednesday, November 19

Sick days...

Seems everyone is sick right now.

Hubby has been having fevers every night for 3 days and been feeling aches and pains.

N has been feverish (ok it is really an "elevated temperature") as well ans her ears have been an issue.

G has been teething, so he isn't really sick but he doesn't feel well.

I was sick, but being my fathers daughter I was over all of it in less than 24 hours.

Monday, November 10

Schedule issues

Well, things have been a little hectic lately. Hubby's schedule is really crazy. He is working 12 hour shifts and some are day and others are not. His schedule (Can this be called a schedule?) has been disrupting our schedules.

I am sadly not able to keep up with a non schedule. I am really ADHD and must make myself at least a quasi schedule to keep up with chores or nothing happens. I have been getting behind on all sorts of things including knitting... or should I say especially knitting considering that many of the knitting project I have right now are for X-mas.

Wednesday, November 5

WFMW - Toys

Growing up I LOVED perler beads (we called the hama pegs). I spent hours making things and just having a blast. So when my little girl turned 3 I got some. I love it, hours of fun. She likes to sting them and make necklaces too.

You can buy them at a craft store and I also tr to keep up to date with craft store coupons on here so you might want to check that out...

Tuesday, November 4

Just a reminder...

I am just posting to say I voted...

And I am reminding everyone that bothers to read this blog to vote as well. Not just who the President will be but Congress, Legislature and all the other stuff on the ballot. The President is just a small part of it so PLEASE look it ALL over and do some internet research before casting your vote.

Sunday, November 2


Well, Hubby went to the conference, but I didn't get to go. Oh well. Seems that he is working nights this month. So I am virtually parenting alone because he is going to be tired. I need to clean the house, but REALLY don't want to. In fact I don't even want to knit. That is saying something....