Saturday, April 30

G's Blanket

I have been having fun with this modified pattern lately.As you can see it is a lizard ridge stitch with a mitered square.  I will be transferring the mods I have made from my projects page to this blog soon.  I am not sure if this counts as a new pattern or not... should I make a pattern page on Ravelry or not?

Monday, April 18

What has been happening

Sorry for not posting.  Hubby is working nights this month and well, a change in schedule that large has made the kids REALLY act out. 

I have been working on the doom project, but I have yet to finish another row... I have tried 4 different yarns so far ang have found I have enough yarn foe everything but the last 3 or 4 granny groupings... and since I REALLY want all the rows to actually have only 1 yarn so I have been ripping and restarting that row.  i know I sound a little OCD, but it is my project and I want it right!

The flower power project is kinda coming along.  I really want to focus my efforts on the Doom project though so the flower power project is being therapy for when I get angry at the Doom project.

Wednesday, April 13

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Tuesday, April 12


So the Doom project is coming along.  I measured it last night and it is 47 by 47 inches.  according to this site I am doing pretty well.  I think I could call it a queen in another 10 inches or so (20 inches as I am adding to both sides...).  After that I need to find an edging.  I don't know what edging to do... complete loss there...


Monday, April 11

The factor tree.

I got a free invite to try out the factor tree, and did.  I am not lying it was pretty good but my daughter doesn't like it.  She plays on it bor about 5 to 10 minutes and then she wants to do something else.  On top of that, when she is playing on it she needs my constant supervision as she doesn't have the spelling or reading skills answer the questions.  It would be much better is instead of the program asking how many rectangles there are it had a picture of a rectangle and a colon. 

I am a bzz-agent and am getting promotional material  so I can give an accurate account of my experiences with the product.  The thoughts and writing are my own and not that of the factor tree.

Redbox promo!

 Ok, so i love free and well I found something free.  For every person that rents via my link I get a free rental.  If it is your 1st time renting from redbox you get a free rental.  So please click and get a movie!

Sunday, April 10


I have been really starting a lot of projects lately.  Don't know if it is a spring thing or what.  Anyway, the last thing I started is G's blanket:


Friday, April 8

More dishcloths.

I have been making more dishcloths for my daughter.  She loves them.  I am seeing how many of these I can get from 6 skeins of cotton.  So far 6 cloths in total.  These are the newest 4.


Now back to the Fiber Arts Friday Blog Party, Fibers on Friday and Crafty Fridays!

Thursday, April 7


IMG_20110407_105501.jpgThe blanket is really growing.  I added 2 rows last night and am working on a 3rd one.  Just looking at it laying out flat makes it look impressive.  It is laying on a queen sized futon so as you can see it touches the edges.  I forget how big a queen is when it is a square so I am going to look that up tonight.

Wednesday, April 6

Progress report

So with the knot gone I am adding to the granny square. I have gotten about 1 foot done sense the last photo.  I have been asking random kids which yarn should be next and am just going with it.  I still have a bunch of yarn left so I should be able to get the queen size I am hoping for.  I am quitting at queen size regardless.

 The texture on this blanket is fantastic with every row being so different from the others.  So the question is what sort of edging should I do?  I am kinda at a loss so if any reader wants to suggest something I am all ears (links would be helpful...) 

The Doom project...

I know that several people have asked me what happened to my Stash busting blanket of DOOM... well here is the reason for it being put on hold:

IMG_20110406_123352.jpgYep, a big ole knot. So today I tackled that knot so I can work on this again.  It only took an hour but that was an hour that I was unable to watch children as, unlike knitting and crochet, you can not actually watch the kids and work on it.  So now I can work on it again and as such will be loading a pic of progress tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 5

Flower Power blanket

IMG_20110405_082119.jpgI made quite a few of the African flowers yesterday (well except for the single crochet edge).  As you can see they are made from all sorts of scraps and weights.  I am planning on buying a superwash wool and making a double crochet row and doing the "join as you go" method by Heidi Bears.  Seems better than actually sewing the things!  I haven't yet decided if the single crochet row should be a uniform color or not.  Uniform color would mean a uniform yarn and less changes in weight of yarn, but what color to choose as every color is being used somewhere... On the other hand I could also do the single crochet border in scraps yarns as well, but may get some really off combos and different weights which may mean a 2nd double crochet row in the joining yarn to compensate for slight size variations.  I am not really leaning toward either right now and won't decide for a while yet anyway. 

Monday, April 4

More crochet.

IMG_20110404_142831.jpgSo I have startitus. I started another project. This time scrap yarn and the African Flower motif. I am randomly pulling yarn out of a bag and adding it. Makes for some odd flowers... sock yarn, Extra bulky, sock yarn... yea, that is odd. I am having fun with all the novelty yarns I have received over the years.

I am getting into organizing my house, which is well, to say the least is in bad shape... very bad.

G did the dishes this morning, which is so cute.  Three year olds think they can do everything... I had to re wash them but bubbles are fun!

I am glad that I have such wonderful children.

Gratituesday's at Heavenly Homemakers.

Sunday, April 3

African Flower Washcloths

So N has been my very good dishwasher lately (G washes too but he needs much more supervision and doesn't actually "wash" anything) and as such I thought I should make her dishcloths that were pretty.


I have been looking at the African Flower motif for a while and N saw it and liked it.  I belted out 2 last night. These are just the right size for a little girls hand.  She is really excited to wash dishes today.  I bought 6 colors and am just grabbing colors at random.  Looks like a have a new travel project...

Saturday, April 2

The house that cleans itself...

I have been on a cleaning rampage.  I bought 4 books on house organizing/cleaning and am working on book number 1: The House That Cleans Itself by Mindy Stams Clark.  I am trying to not read ahead so as to not overwhelm myself.  So far I am halfway through the 1st chapter and think that this lady really knows her stuff.  We will see.  I am hoping that this book helps with the military/constantly moving lifestyle we have. 

I have been trying to be really on top of buying things before I need them.  I already bought everything for the kids Easter baskets and have assembled them!  There was also a sale on Sugar and Cream cotton yarn... 3 for 6 dollars... so I bought 6 and am going to make dishcloths. 

Craft wise I have been crocheting and repairing some knits.  My daughters pink blanket has gotten some holes so I am sewing in lifelines and going to rip those rows and sew them back.  Lots of work there.  The Doom Blanket is still coming along.  I need to post pictures... badly.  Will do that this week.