Tuesday, April 5

Flower Power blanket

IMG_20110405_082119.jpgI made quite a few of the African flowers yesterday (well except for the single crochet edge).  As you can see they are made from all sorts of scraps and weights.  I am planning on buying a superwash wool and making a double crochet row and doing the "join as you go" method by Heidi Bears.  Seems better than actually sewing the things!  I haven't yet decided if the single crochet row should be a uniform color or not.  Uniform color would mean a uniform yarn and less changes in weight of yarn, but what color to choose as every color is being used somewhere... On the other hand I could also do the single crochet border in scraps yarns as well, but may get some really off combos and different weights which may mean a 2nd double crochet row in the joining yarn to compensate for slight size variations.  I am not really leaning toward either right now and won't decide for a while yet anyway. 

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