Monday, April 18

What has been happening

Sorry for not posting.  Hubby is working nights this month and well, a change in schedule that large has made the kids REALLY act out. 

I have been working on the doom project, but I have yet to finish another row... I have tried 4 different yarns so far ang have found I have enough yarn foe everything but the last 3 or 4 granny groupings... and since I REALLY want all the rows to actually have only 1 yarn so I have been ripping and restarting that row.  i know I sound a little OCD, but it is my project and I want it right!

The flower power project is kinda coming along.  I really want to focus my efforts on the Doom project though so the flower power project is being therapy for when I get angry at the Doom project.

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trish said...

the doom project looks intense! it's gorgeous! i don't have the patience to make a crochet blanket, but i'd love have one on my bed or couch. maybe one day i'll be able to make one :D happy crocheting!