Saturday, April 2

The house that cleans itself...

I have been on a cleaning rampage.  I bought 4 books on house organizing/cleaning and am working on book number 1: The House That Cleans Itself by Mindy Stams Clark.  I am trying to not read ahead so as to not overwhelm myself.  So far I am halfway through the 1st chapter and think that this lady really knows her stuff.  We will see.  I am hoping that this book helps with the military/constantly moving lifestyle we have. 

I have been trying to be really on top of buying things before I need them.  I already bought everything for the kids Easter baskets and have assembled them!  There was also a sale on Sugar and Cream cotton yarn... 3 for 6 dollars... so I bought 6 and am going to make dishcloths. 

Craft wise I have been crocheting and repairing some knits.  My daughters pink blanket has gotten some holes so I am sewing in lifelines and going to rip those rows and sew them back.  Lots of work there.  The Doom Blanket is still coming along.  I need to post pictures... badly.  Will do that this week.

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