Wednesday, October 29


It seems that hubby has a "mandatory" med school conference he must attend. I may get to go too, but it matters if we get our own room or have "roomies" for it. We won't know until aout an hour before it starts so I am packing now.

Saturday, October 25

"Crapola" yarn has ARRIVED!

I got the yarn today and I have to say that am VERY thankful the yarnarian was thoughtful enough to put it in a plastic ziploc-like bag. Why? Because I found the whole package covered in some kind of oil. I was so worried until I opened it and discovered that it was just fine, though I did have to cut it out of the bag. The yarn looks yummy. I will post pictures later...

Tuesday, October 21

Beat the flu bug faster

Having small kids it seems something is ALWAYS going around and someone is always sick. And I am going to show you how to actually cut that sick time down.

We are going to bleach are dishes. All you do is add bleach to your dishwasher (or dishwater if you hand wash) instead of soap. The reason for the instead is because th bleach and the soap will actually react with each other and make poisonous gas (just what everyone wants! poisonous gas!). So if you want to use soap too, just wash once with soap and once with bleach.

The bleach will kill whatever germs are being shared and actually help you get better faster. I actually do this whenever I feel a bug coming on and have noticed a significant reduction in sick time (about half as long). Anyway that works for me.

Monday, October 20

Ultimate Dressup for a little girl!!!!!!!

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

You just have to look to see how CUTE this dress is! I mean it go look!

LeapFrog contest

I really love LeapFrog and so does my 3 year old. Sure it is over her head a little but it is a great learning tool and makes for great mommy and little girl time. So when I saw this contest for free LeapFrog products... I had to share. Hop (haha I made a punny) on over and enter yourself!

Friday, October 17


I have been meaning to write this for a while (almost 6 months...) and I finally decided that I just needed to go out and say it and not worry that it was written perfectly.

With my first child I had everything figured out. I had a OBGYN that allowed birthing balls, soaking in bathtubs, showers, you name it while in labor and giving birth. Then we moved in my 7th month... and NO OBGYN would take me (I was considered a risk being so far along...) except 1. He was a little old fashioned. Though, he very pro- vaginal birth (I really wanted to have a vaginal birth), he wanted me in bed laboring and wouldn't allow any of those other things I wanted to try.

Gave birth to a lovely baby girl, but really didn't have the birth experience I wanted.

So when I found I was with child a second time, I knew I was going to go the most natural way I could. I really wanted to do a home birth, but because hubby was in medical school I couldn't (If something went wrong, he would be blamed by the school even though it was my choice...). Next best, birthing center with a mid-wife. As luck would have it, there was a water birth center in town.

I have to say the difference in births was like night and day! If the pain in the hospital birth was a 10 out of 10 then the pain in the water birth was a 2 or 3 out of 10. REALLY!

I would recommend a water birth to any woman (of course you need to be low risk for you to get one). In fact, I want a water birth for every pregnancy from here on.

Dirty loves Clean

I found a contest and to enter you have to blog about it and tell your friends! So guess what? I am blogging about it... because I love homemade soap... I mean love. You can read more about it here.

Thursday, October 16

Wednesday, October 15

I have been Taged!

So MommieDayz got tagged and tagged me.

The instructions are:

* Go to your Sixth Picture Folder then pick your Sixth Picture.

* Pray that you remember the details.

* Tag 5 others.

Well, my 6th picture folder is named: Blog (Christ, coffee and knitting needles), so you can guess that the picture is already on this blog.

And here it is:

Yep already on my blog... here is the post about it.

Now to tag...

Captivating Moments

The Yarnarian

Knit by Night

The Painted Tiger

Bring on the Lloyds...

Now to go off and tell them.

Tuesday, October 14

Another treasury!

I am on a roll man!

Anyway here is the link!

And if you want to be in my next treasury (or a chance to be in it at least...) then comment on my treasury.

Sunday, October 12

Craft store coupons

I have updated my coupons but I am not posting new postings anymore. Instead I will be just update one post with all coupons. If you want to find them you need to click on the craft store coupons link on the sidebar.

Friday, October 10

I got a TREASURY!!!!

Sorry, it is gone now...

100% spinning batts for your pleasure!!!

Now I need to find Etsy sellers that are also on Ravelry for my next poster sketch...

Update in flintstones vitamins...

I wrote the company and they want to pick up the bottle to check it out. I haven't tossed them yet so I guess it will be going back to the company. They also want to give me a free new bottle.

They say the reason this is happening is because of moisture and that it isn't mold but rather the minerals oxidizing.

The expiration date is Feb. 2010.

Wednesday, October 8


My little N loves Vitamins... LOVES!!!!

Give her a choice of chocolate or a vitamin as a "reward" for peeing in the potty and well... vitamins will win out.

Does that tell you her level of obsession with vitamins? And not just any Vitamins... Flintstones Vitamins.

Now imagine my surprise when I discover what appears to be mold growing on the vitamins....

That is right MOLD!

I could understand if the vitamins were a year old or something, but I bought the big ole bottle in July... meaning it isn't even 6 months old.

I guess living in Florida, with it's SUPER high humidity, causes issues.

I wonder if she will like gummy brand vitamins....

Tuesday, October 7


I will start with saying that I deal with knotted yarn a lot.

I have a very curious little girl. She likes whatever it is that mommy likes. In this case.... yarn, knitting, crochet, spinning... you get it.

In fact, she is so curious that I have found almost finished scarf fully unraveled and every strand of yarn in knots. (I restrained myself... she only got a time out... ) Only to have the same yarn destroyed, as I was winding it, with a seam ripper. (You should have seen to look of pride and the "ook mommie" when she did this... I could have killed her... but she was so proud) It was very lovely merino wool and I can't bare to toss it because it *might* still be useful... as something. I mean it is yarn abuse to toss merino wool regardless of the condition...

Oh and this is in NOOOOOO way the only thing she has done to my prized yarn or projects. She has abused and tangled my yarn to no end... and not the cheap acrylic either; the wool, cotton, cashmere, and silk are her choice yarns to "disrupt".

(Though the cutest thing she had done is give my yarn to baby G because it is "soft" and made mommy happy so must make G happy... though this might lead to bad things later... we'll see...)

Needless to say I am the closest to an expert yarn untangler that one is likely to find.

This brings me to the "score" in the title. Seems the Yarnarian didn't follow her own advice about dyeing yarn. Supposedly this super lovely yarn is a tangled mess that defies bothering to untangle it. I offered to pay shipping and take this yarn off her hands.

She accepted, and I am sure, thinks I am crazy.

Pictures of the tangled heap will come...

Is it sad that I am excited about untangling yarn? Like in really excited...

Don't answer that....

Monday, October 6

June Cleaver conclusions

I am going to continue the June Cleaver thing, well at least somewhat. I actually really like heels and skirts so those I will keep, but the necklace has got to go. In fact, hubby bought me some new heels, so he might be trying to tell me something (nudge nudge wink wink).

I also noticed that I get a lot more respect from strangers if I dress nice. Like I know what I am talking about or something just because I look nice. I didn't really notice it until I stopped dressing up, which I think is odd.

Sunday, October 5

DIY Sock blockers

Target was getting rid of a bunch of place mats for 99 cents each about 3 or 4 days ago so I picked up 2 (one for my feet and one for hubby though I haven't made his yet.)

Anyway I thought I would show off what I did with a kinda picture tutorial (original is here).

I started off making a foot form for the sock blocker and testing it out by putting one of my socks over it. It is was not fitting I trimmed and if it was loose I added cardboard with tape.

I traced the cardboard with a dry erase marker. (dry erase makers will erase off of most plastics and glass.) This way I got a mark but could remove it easily and not have it mar the finished product.

I ended up making the cardboard pattern to long in the leg so I just trimmed it off. Looks good if I say so myself.

Saturday, October 4


Seems the flu hit us early this year. I got it yesterday. My joints hurt, my muscles ache and I am just pooped. I was going to do the "June Cleaver" thing again but couldn't manage it. In fact I was so lazy that we ate Ramen all day. I am still feeling it but not nearly as badly as I was yesterday. Anyway, off to fold some laundry. I can do that in my bed so that seems like a good chore to do while sick.

Friday, October 3

Saturday Links

Designer children :: Talking about genetically engineered children.

Make your own lidman :: Tutorial on a very cute toy.

Etsy Giveaways :: A blog dedicated to finding giveaways for etsy products.

Want to stand by your man? Quit work. :: A commentary on stay at home vs. working out of the home motherhood.

Antibiotics and allergies linked :: A commentary on a study that shows that antibiotic use and allergies in children is linked. It is kinda old but still is relevant.

Craft store coupons

Note: I am no longer doing this! I am moving to an area that has NO craft stores and since this was for me personal use I am no longer going to be doing this. Sorry for any inconvenience.

A.C. Moore has none

Hobby Lobby has none.

JoAnn's has none.

Michaels has none.

Thursday, October 2


I mentioned yesterday that I was wearing the "June Cleaver" thing. I am actually really loving the dressing up. It is fun and makes me feel grown up and respectable. It is weird really. Who knew I would feel that way. I went to Bible study today and another mom of little uns (she has twins the same age as my little N) commented that I looked nice. I really liked getting complimented from someone other than hubby.

I am finding heel to be a real pain but really fun too. It adds a sophistication that I didn't know about. I might do this longer than a week... maybe until I am pregnant again.
A.C. Moore coupon for 50% off. October 2nd, 2008 and October 3rd, 2008 only.

Wednesday, October 1

Wow! I need to post!

I have been derelict in my posting lately. So I thought I would fill everyone in on the latest goings on.

*Hubby is back from his military hospital rotation. He got back last Saturday and we have been having some great family time.

*I am knitting M's B-day/X-mas gloves which are a mix on the Broad street Mittens and Knucks. I hand dyed the yarn a great wine color (ok so it isn't a solid... and it is self striping.)

*G can roll over from front to back and back to front and can do the military tummy crawl (Hubby told me the name for that but I can't remember it...) but hasn't mastered it at all.

*N is learing about dress up and will ONLY wear dresses. She also had gotten intp mommy's heels. (We have pics.)

*I am hating the "new" facebook and am really thinking about quitting it. If I do I need to find a way to share photos though...

*I am also doing the "June Cleaver" thing with MommieDaze. I have taken my own bohemian theme on it but heel are worn everyday, and so are skirts. I even carry G in a sling in heels! Of course they are only 1 to 2 inchers and have a heel base the size of a dime so I can actually give chase to N and climb the stairs to the house.

Anyway that is an overview. Must get to bed... Bible study early and I must be in my heels...