Tuesday, October 7


I will start with saying that I deal with knotted yarn a lot.

I have a very curious little girl. She likes whatever it is that mommy likes. In this case.... yarn, knitting, crochet, spinning... you get it.

In fact, she is so curious that I have found almost finished scarf fully unraveled and every strand of yarn in knots. (I restrained myself... she only got a time out... ) Only to have the same yarn destroyed, as I was winding it, with a seam ripper. (You should have seen to look of pride and the "ook mommie" when she did this... I could have killed her... but she was so proud) It was very lovely merino wool and I can't bare to toss it because it *might* still be useful... as something. I mean it is yarn abuse to toss merino wool regardless of the condition...

Oh and this is in NOOOOOO way the only thing she has done to my prized yarn or projects. She has abused and tangled my yarn to no end... and not the cheap acrylic either; the wool, cotton, cashmere, and silk are her choice yarns to "disrupt".

(Though the cutest thing she had done is give my yarn to baby G because it is "soft" and made mommy happy so must make G happy... though this might lead to bad things later... we'll see...)

Needless to say I am the closest to an expert yarn untangler that one is likely to find.

This brings me to the "score" in the title. Seems the Yarnarian didn't follow her own advice about dyeing yarn. Supposedly this super lovely yarn is a tangled mess that defies bothering to untangle it. I offered to pay shipping and take this yarn off her hands.

She accepted, and I am sure, thinks I am crazy.

Pictures of the tangled heap will come...

Is it sad that I am excited about untangling yarn? Like in really excited...

Don't answer that....


BabyLongLegs said...

Thankyou for clearing that one up......!!!!
Will add you to my blog list right away :)

Big 'Uggs!

S xXx

Ruth said...

Come look at my blog to see some pics of the yarn from hell.


MamaMay said...

The yarn really is a lovely color.

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