Saturday, May 14

Scuba diving

Today hubby and I had a date and went scuba diving.  It was great fun.  This the 1st time I didn't get hypothermia scuba diving and that made thing much more fun.  We had 2 dives.  On the 1st we saw a shark, trumpet fish, and several eels.  On the 2nd we went to a sunk military ship (a small tug like boat, still huge but small in comparison to the ships it would have helped haul) and it had octopi. We also made the discovery that I get sea sick.  So next time we will be getting some meds for that!

Wednesday, May 11

It is that time of the year agian...

That is right... time to announce that we are moving... again!  7 years married and 7 different homes... I am starting to think that we shouldn't even unpack at all!

Thursday, May 5

The last week...

The last week has been... well it sucked.  The kids have all been sick, I caught whatever it is and hubby did too.  And let me tell you this is a virus that makes your whole body ache and you feel super tired all the time.

So considering I am stuck at home with 3 children, what do I decide to do?  Dye yarn...
Silly me, sitting around with a fever of 102 and sick kids all in bed and dyeing yarn... it is pretty to say the least.

Already have plans for this yarn too, my daughter wants illusion heart socks to show off at school, that gives me less than 10 days to get them done!

Also check out what other fiber people have done Here!

Sunday, May 1

eco Smart

Living in the tropics is lots of fun and it always lovely, but you have to live with bugs, lots of them... It is spring and the bugs are in a massive breeding season... in comes the bug spray.  Before I always bought the bad stuff that would have all the poisons and warnings not to use it near food or food prep areas.  This time I found this AMAZING stuff called EcoSMART organic insecticide.  You can literally spray it on you food and not have to worry... well unless you are allergic to rosemary or peppermint, because that is all it uses!  I will say the smell is a little strong, but it smells so much better than the old stuff i used.  In fact I am thinking of just buying it as a room spray because I think it smells so good!