Thursday, May 5

The last week...

The last week has been... well it sucked.  The kids have all been sick, I caught whatever it is and hubby did too.  And let me tell you this is a virus that makes your whole body ache and you feel super tired all the time.

So considering I am stuck at home with 3 children, what do I decide to do?  Dye yarn...
Silly me, sitting around with a fever of 102 and sick kids all in bed and dyeing yarn... it is pretty to say the least.

Already have plans for this yarn too, my daughter wants illusion heart socks to show off at school, that gives me less than 10 days to get them done!

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Keinnod said...

I love the colors! We have a virus like that here - called Dengue. In fact we are in the middle of an epidemic - it isn't good!. Praying that you will all feel better soonest!