Saturday, January 31

And the winner is!

... Becca!

Becca said...

I would love to win this for my mom. She crochets and always needs yarn. Thanks so much!

Go over to her blog and congratulate her!

Wednesday, January 28

My Points...

Ok, I am on a website called Mypoints. It is really nice. You basically sign up to be spammed and as you click on the spam emails you acquire points that can be cashed in for free stuff (gift cards). I know this works too because I have received several gift cards. The only problem I have right now is that you get more points for emailing people to join (they do have to join for me to get those points) and all my real life friends have joined. If you would like to help me get more points I would love to have your email and send you an invite.

Sunday, January 25

Moving... (and a giveaway)

Well since we are moving come April sometime, I am doing a major destashing of my yarns! Anything I don't want to move halfway across the world is out of here. Now originally I was going to give all this to goodwill, but the goodwill here told me that it would end up in the trash because they wouldn't even try to sell it. Well that is just yarn abuse and I don't stand for abuse! So I am giving it away here instead, that is if anyone wants it....

And on a happy note bloggy giveaways are going on at the same time. Oh joy! After hitting this go check out all that yummy giveaway action!

Rules and legal junk:
You must have an address I can mail this to in the USA. Sorry, but I can't afford to do this otherwise.

I will be choosing the winner by going to and having them randomly pick a number from the total number of comments. I will then count down the list until I hit that number. Whoever has that post, wins the whole kitten caboodle!

If you do not claim your prize in 4 days (I have to have your mailing address by that time) you forfeit the yarn and I will chose again (you can win a second time but don't expect to.) If the second time around no one claims the prize I am sending this to my nearest public school. They can always use yarn.

For prize tax purposes, I am going to make an educated guess and say this yarn would sell for 20 dollars American. Contest is void where prohibited. If you enter where this contest is void then I will chose another winner.

The contest ends on Sat. Jan. 31st (Eastern time) whenever I happen to close the comments. You can continue to enter until comments are closed.

Now to see what you could win! The yarn you see is what you get. (it is mostly acrylic that I have been carrying around for a long time.)

If you want to enter just comment here with a way to contact you.

Extra entries:
Click the "share this" button and Share! For ever different way you share you get an extra entry, just remember to comment once per share.

Really crazy extra entries:
Go to one of my other posts and Share that too! Comment here to get that entry counted.

And remember I need a way to contact you. Blogger doesn't let me see your email addresses so you either have to post them, do something so I can find you, or you can find me here. I will post the winner on this blog.

Friday, January 23

Pretty poncho....

While Tangerine Dreams is having a comment contest. Comment and see if you can win her super cute poncho. Blog about the contest and get yarn too!

Thursday, January 22

@^$*! Batteries!

I was going to be adding major photos today to Ravelry and here but guess what, camera died. And I don't have any new ones... And I don't have the car... so guess I can't just load the kids up and get them either.

Tuesday, January 20

Spiral Washcloth

Starting at center, ch 3. Join with sl st to form ring.

1st rnd: 8 sc in ring, sl st in first sc made.

2nd rnd: Sc in same place as sl st, * ch 3, sc in next sc. Repeat from * around, ending with ch 3, sl st in first sc (8 loops).

3rd rnd: Sc in same place as sl st, * 1 sc in next loop, ch 3, sc in next sc. Repeat from * around, ending with sl st in first sc.

4th rnd and on incl: Sc in next sc (skipping one sc), * sc in each remaining sc across sc-group, 2 sc in next loop, ch 4, skip first sc of next sc-group. Repeat from * around. Join. (do this until you feel you have a good size washcloth)

Last row: Sc into next sc, * sc in each remaining sc across sc-group, 3 sc in next loop, skip first sc of next sc-group. Repeat from * around. Join. Cut yarn, sew in ends.

What is Ravelry?

I have been seeing this question on Ravelry a lot lately and think it is like trying to describe America to a foreigner. It is so many different things to so many different people that you can't just get a little sound bite of information and run with it.

When I was waiting for 3 months to join, I imagined that the Ravelry streets were spun in gold and all of my knitting problems might possibly vanish. That Everything I might want or need would be at my fingertips. And when I joined, it was... then I wanted more. I wanted better searches, more detailed information and different ways of organizing.

So I brought them up to Casey and Jess to see if they were worthy of Ravelry, and some were others were not (thoght to tell the truth the ones that didn't make it had good reason not to be accepted... like a better idea already in the works...) and those that were worthy made it on "The List". Casey works on The List everyday and every Raveler can look up the list and see what has been checked off or not and just see what shows up. Some things I didn't even know I wanted show up too, like being able to see what yarns have been sold at a local yarn store and their locations and project recommendations for a yarn I have.

But What IS Ravelry? It matters how you use it.

If you dye yarn, you can add the yarns to the yarn search and be one of the top 12 newest yarns for a bit. You can advertise on there too and make a group for members that like/love your yarn. You can see all the people that own your yarn and how they have used it.

If you write patterns, you can add them to the Ravelry pattern database and be one of the 6 newest patterns for a bit. You can advertise, make a group, and even see what people have done with your patterns. Did they make it something that was supposed to in a bulky yarn in lace weight so as to make it fit a child?

Need a yarn for a pattern you have fallen in love with? Want it to be a silk yarn that you can buy locally? Head on over to the advanced search. If anyone has bought a silk yarn and posted it on Ravelry, that yarn will come up on the search. (this does not include chain craft stores like Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Jo Anns, A. C. Moore or Wal*mart).

Need a pattern for this lovely Soy yarn you have but don't want to have to do math in resizing to make the pattern work for you? Search the weight of the yarn in the pattern section and you will see a bunch.

Don't know how to use the searches? Ask on the yarn or pattern forum and someone will help you. We have all been in need of help before and someone is always willing to help out. (Though not do the work for you... they do expect you to learn...)

There is a bunch more too. You can search yarns based on who wants to trade or sell yarn in their stash, search finished objects, or get advise about how to dye yarn. So much to do on Ravelry, so little time.

I have a strange feeling that someone is going to copy and paste this and try to pass it off as their own... Don't, I hate people that plagiarize so don't even think about it. Link to this post if you like it so much.

Monday, January 19

Free sample of YARN or SPINNING FIBER?

Knit Fit Knitters is having a promotion. A crazy happy promotion!

They are giving away free yarn! All you have to do is go to their website and contact them with your address and tell them if you spin or knit/crochet (spinners get something like one oz of hand dyed spinning fiber and knitters/crocheters get 100 yards of hand dyed sock yarn)! Don't forget to put "Free Sample" in the subject line! You might as well tell her what colors you like though don't be disappointed if you don't get the color way you asked for.

This offer is only good for one per household and who knows how long this will last so jump on over and contact her today!

(She tells me that she is NOT sharing this information, though you might get periodical emails from her about sales or some such, she will not spam you.)

Sunday, January 18

What!?! No craft stores!?!

I have just done an extensive internet seach of Honolulu, HI (where we are moving) and have discovered something horrible! There are no craft stores!!!!!!! Ok there are yarn stores (so knitting and crochet are still safe) but what will I do when I need to sew!?!?

Wednesday, January 14

Is this a New Years Resolution?

Ok, People that know me know that I hate new years resolutions (NYR). The reason for this is because if something is really important enough to change about yourself, why wait until the new year to do it? Seems like one is setting oneself up to fail because you know you don't really want to change. That is why I don't have NYRs. That and most NYR really would only take a few months, not a full year if you really wanted something to change.

Anyway, yesterday I realized I have a bunch of UFOs on my knitting bags, Tupperware containers and all sorts of other places. And I am tired of having them and not more yarn (about 50% of my yarn is tied up in UFOs. Until a project is an FO it is considered stashed yarn and not used in any way). So I am going to try to have NO projects that were started in 2008 or before still be UFO's by 2010 (except the scrap afghans don't count because I need the left overs to make it...). This means I am looking through my things and seeing what projects I have that need to logged onto Ravelry (and photographed... photos are important!).

This is soooo going to suck, but I really don't want the UFOs forever and ever. I really do want the FO but don't want to work for them I guess. Anyway, off I go.

If you have a Ravelry account you can look at the progress I make.

Monday, January 12

MARPAT yarn... hubby wants gloves

Hubby saw the fingerless gloves I made my sister for X-mas (sorry no picture of hers... but here is the pattern , though I did add a mitten fold over part.) and well, he wanted a pair... only different. Silly me, I asked him what his ideal gloves would be... and well I got them. The first step is to make truly random MARPAT woodland yarn. This actually really easy (actually double easy because I am using Wiltons food colorants!). I am just crock pot dyeing wool tan then rewinding on the swift then dyeing another color (the order I have chosen is tan, orange brown, green, dark green then brown). Between each dye I am reskeining a little bigger or smaller so as to keep the yarn truly random. to keep some the previous colors I am tying knots in the skien before dyeing. I'll be adding pics as soon as it is done.

It is only 11:20?!...

and so far I feel like I have run a marathon!

This morning G managed to get his diaper off, then poop... then play in the poop. All the while on the carpet. That was a fun mess. I was sorting laundry and had thankfully not started a load yet so all the poopy clothing went in.

N has something. Either she is sick or being stubborn and throwing fits because mommy can't hold her and clean up poo at the same time.

If this a preview of the day, I think I want to call in sick....

Friday, January 9

G has 2 teeth now!

Thats right he is all grown up with his 2 little teeth.

In other news we are going to Hawaii! The news came in in December but being so busy I kinda forgot to tell (ok, no internet connection really). Are we moving in spring or summer sometime. This is going to be a fun adventure!

Thursday, January 8

Homeschool coolness!

I guess I am making up for lost time seeing as I didn't blog for almost 2 straight months!

Anyway, I think I stated somewhere on this blog that I wish to homeschool. Now this is not because I am some religious zealot or something (though I could be....*ponders*) but because we are military and this GUARANTEES that our children will be moved from one school to the next at a moments notice.

This has been giving me a lot of worry. See, I am not very well organized and am more than a little ADD. This means I need something that keeps me on track and that helps me organize... talk about a tall order.

Then we had Christmas break and I went to see some family friends that are using K12. (Don't mind the post about how the house is falling apart and she is overwhelmed... it did pass and school is going much better.)

K12 is a virtual school that can even be done by state. And since the school is the SAME wherever you go you know your kids aren't missing something like the revolutionary war because they were moved right before it was taught at their old school and right after at the new school.

And the best part? They actually have teachers that will help you and come in if you need them to and it is all part of the state school system!

Now that the house is *somewhat* under control...

I can blog about our vacation to visit everyone.

The flight was actually not that bad. We got stuck at our destination airport because of an ice storm for about 3 hours (plan was to have my sister, M, pick us up but she doesn't have the experience driving in ice so when my dad got off work he picked us up instead.)

We spent the first 4 days with my in laws and N got really sick. As in vomiting sick. No fun at all. We avoided the great grandparents that live in the same town so as not to pass whatever she had onto them.

The kids and I then went to my parents house to spend the night because the in laws were flying out of country that night.

We then drove back to my in laws house to meet hubby who had just driven up in time to just miss his parents by something like 12 hours.

After that everything is a blur. I know we saw our children's godparents, some really great med. school friends and college friends as well.

We also saw lots of family... almost all of the Siblings (in law).

By the end, we were all really tired.

And then we drove home... and I got sick. Like pass the plastic bag sick. I was sick right before we left too fine in the car and then sick all day the day after. Needless to say, now the house is *more* cleaned up.

Oh and the little boy got sick the day after me so we are expecting to N to be sick soon.

Wednesday, January 7

Back from break...

Sorry I didn't tell anyone that I was going on break, but I truly thought we would be spending more time somewhere with internet.