Wednesday, January 14

Is this a New Years Resolution?

Ok, People that know me know that I hate new years resolutions (NYR). The reason for this is because if something is really important enough to change about yourself, why wait until the new year to do it? Seems like one is setting oneself up to fail because you know you don't really want to change. That is why I don't have NYRs. That and most NYR really would only take a few months, not a full year if you really wanted something to change.

Anyway, yesterday I realized I have a bunch of UFOs on my knitting bags, Tupperware containers and all sorts of other places. And I am tired of having them and not more yarn (about 50% of my yarn is tied up in UFOs. Until a project is an FO it is considered stashed yarn and not used in any way). So I am going to try to have NO projects that were started in 2008 or before still be UFO's by 2010 (except the scrap afghans don't count because I need the left overs to make it...). This means I am looking through my things and seeing what projects I have that need to logged onto Ravelry (and photographed... photos are important!).

This is soooo going to suck, but I really don't want the UFOs forever and ever. I really do want the FO but don't want to work for them I guess. Anyway, off I go.

If you have a Ravelry account you can look at the progress I make.