Thursday, January 8

Now that the house is *somewhat* under control...

I can blog about our vacation to visit everyone.

The flight was actually not that bad. We got stuck at our destination airport because of an ice storm for about 3 hours (plan was to have my sister, M, pick us up but she doesn't have the experience driving in ice so when my dad got off work he picked us up instead.)

We spent the first 4 days with my in laws and N got really sick. As in vomiting sick. No fun at all. We avoided the great grandparents that live in the same town so as not to pass whatever she had onto them.

The kids and I then went to my parents house to spend the night because the in laws were flying out of country that night.

We then drove back to my in laws house to meet hubby who had just driven up in time to just miss his parents by something like 12 hours.

After that everything is a blur. I know we saw our children's godparents, some really great med. school friends and college friends as well.

We also saw lots of family... almost all of the Siblings (in law).

By the end, we were all really tired.

And then we drove home... and I got sick. Like pass the plastic bag sick. I was sick right before we left too fine in the car and then sick all day the day after. Needless to say, now the house is *more* cleaned up.

Oh and the little boy got sick the day after me so we are expecting to N to be sick soon.

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Chocolate said...

This sickness has been bad... hope N didn't get it again