Monday, January 12

MARPAT yarn... hubby wants gloves

Hubby saw the fingerless gloves I made my sister for X-mas (sorry no picture of hers... but here is the pattern , though I did add a mitten fold over part.) and well, he wanted a pair... only different. Silly me, I asked him what his ideal gloves would be... and well I got them. The first step is to make truly random MARPAT woodland yarn. This actually really easy (actually double easy because I am using Wiltons food colorants!). I am just crock pot dyeing wool tan then rewinding on the swift then dyeing another color (the order I have chosen is tan, orange brown, green, dark green then brown). Between each dye I am reskeining a little bigger or smaller so as to keep the yarn truly random. to keep some the previous colors I am tying knots in the skien before dyeing. I'll be adding pics as soon as it is done.

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Aunt Kathy said...

That sounds interesting, I can;t wait to see the pics and the finished project.