Thursday, January 8

Homeschool coolness!

I guess I am making up for lost time seeing as I didn't blog for almost 2 straight months!

Anyway, I think I stated somewhere on this blog that I wish to homeschool. Now this is not because I am some religious zealot or something (though I could be....*ponders*) but because we are military and this GUARANTEES that our children will be moved from one school to the next at a moments notice.

This has been giving me a lot of worry. See, I am not very well organized and am more than a little ADD. This means I need something that keeps me on track and that helps me organize... talk about a tall order.

Then we had Christmas break and I went to see some family friends that are using K12. (Don't mind the post about how the house is falling apart and she is overwhelmed... it did pass and school is going much better.)

K12 is a virtual school that can even be done by state. And since the school is the SAME wherever you go you know your kids aren't missing something like the revolutionary war because they were moved right before it was taught at their old school and right after at the new school.

And the best part? They actually have teachers that will help you and come in if you need them to and it is all part of the state school system!

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Aunt Kathy said...

I so support home schooling. We used Christian Liberty Academy but I had never heard about K12.