Thursday, January 22

@^$*! Batteries!

I was going to be adding major photos today to Ravelry and here but guess what, camera died. And I don't have any new ones... And I don't have the car... so guess I can't just load the kids up and get them either.


OfTroy said...


easier on the environment, and always available.

(now available, if in your area, at Ikea)

i got some for christmas presents, and got a charger and some extra batteries for myself..

the charger came with 4 AA and 2 AAA--the refill came with for more AA'a AND 4AAA's--i have almost enough to not need to buy any batteries at all..

MamaMay said...

Ok, I would, but we get our batteries for free. See the hospital my hubby is at has a policy that batteries count as dead after 4 hours running or after each patient. Needless to say they usually have some juice in them, just not more than an hours worth.