Wednesday, January 21


These are all of my patterns and tutorials. So far all my patterns are free patterns so have fun!

(k) - Knitting
(c) - Crocheting
(s) - Sewing
(o) - Other

Basic Crochet Washcloth/dishcloth (c)

Coupon/Money holder tutorial (s)

Kool-aid dyeing tutorial (double boiler method) (o)

Kool-aid dyeing tutorial (kettle/Crockpot method) (o)

"Learn to purl" washcloth/dishcloth (k)

Miracle Preemie Hat (c)

"My first knit" dishcloth/washcloth (k)

Scalloped Dishcloth/Washcloth (c)

Spiral Washcloth (c) - 8 sided

Wiltons colorants dyeing tutorial (crock pot low water method) (o)

1 comment:

Aunt Kathy said...

I hope to try my hand at dyeing someday, these tutorials will sure help, thanks