Wednesday, April 28

Who needs sleep when you have coffee?

Yes, I am sleep deprived... this is why I am presently living on coffee... as in 4 pots a day. i know, they say sleep when the baby sleeps but really, I have 2 other kids too, what do I do with them?! Throw them to the wolves?

Anyway, if you click this link you can enter to with a sleep deprived button. Go, you sleep deprived person!

Tuesday, April 27

Is this the month of everyone being sick?!

So this whole month it seems someone is sick... always. N had a fever, G then got one, J had one after that and I and hubby had one, and no one at the same time. Now G had pink eye. In both eyes.... yea. We think it is viral because no one else has it and it had been 3 days (drops would have worked on the 1st day if it was bacterial...). G is miserable and whiny. He wants hugs and cuddles. He keeps laying on the floor with his blanky and falling asleep throughout the house.

Sunday, April 25

So I updated Flickr!

With the giving birth and all it has taken some time to get photos up on the computer...

But here are 2 projects I just finished!



This is the Pink Princess Blanket I made for N out of all the different types of pink yarns I had. She actually chose the order so I must say we have a little girl with very good tastes!


This is the blanket I made for baby J. I love bright colors and love babies in bright colors. This is for 2 reasons. One I don't like pastels... I just don't, not for me and if I have to carry baby it too close to me. I like bold colors. Second reason is that babies leak and stain things... pastels seem to show stains while bright colors do not as readily. Anyway, the blanket is felted and done! It looks so nice!

Thursday, April 22

What!? I won?

Yep, over on The Devil Wears Docker, and it is surprise... Love surprises...

Anyway, yesterday I was sick again... fever of 102.3. yea, on hand FYI, it is unwise to knit while feverish... you will need to rip out all you have knitted...

Wednesday, April 21

What is this turning into?

A blog about contests I find?  Must be...

Because here is another contest.

On a clear day I like to let the kids run outside while mommy knits... really!


Monday, April 19

Sunday, April 18


Ok, so there are few TV shows I watch.... few... Never seen Sex in the City, or Lost, or Friends.  In fact I think something like 99% of the TV service I watch are Sci-Fi in nature... Dead Like Me, FireFly, and then there are the fake Science ones like NCIS and all the CIS shows.  Bones is one of them and I haven't been able to watch it since I don't have cable.  So when I found out Netflix has Bones on instant play... well, it is time for some catch up...

WOOT!  Bones Marathon!

Friday, April 16


While the baby is WIP I seem to rack up a WHOLE bunch of WIP's in real life.  Then once the baby is born and a FO, I seem to finish things.  It is very odd. 

I notice I do this mostly when it is night time and the house is asleep.  The best is when hubby is gone at work because then I don't feel like I need to spend every second with him (When your love is working 80 hours a week then is actually gone more like 100 due to driving in rush hour, you too would feel the need to connect and talk with him in the few hours he is home and awake?)

So far I have knitted part of a sock, more of a blanket and have been caring for kids.  Mostly the kids... .

Wednesday, April 14

It is only 8:20am...

And already, I have a temp of 100.7, G has exploded a diaper with diarrhea, and I found all of N's peed on panties in her closet under a blanket, molding...

Today is shaping up to be one of those days....

I have a feeling that 1 pot of coffee isn't going to sustain me today!

Calling out to a giveaway!

A blog I follow is having a giveaway: Dropped Stitches: Super Delicious Giveaway!

Recycled yarn goodness! go and enter, it ends April 19th!

Monday, April 12

Well, that was unexpected! Well, kinda...

Sorry, I have been trying to post more often but I thrown for a loop this 1st half of the month. Seems baby came early (still term, so no health worries). We had our son, little J. He was 5 and a half pounds and 17 inches long. We are both doing great, and I only had 30 minutes of real labor (I know lucky me...). I am pretty sure we will have a 4th baby, possibly a 5th..., Hubby and I will need to talk about it.