Sunday, April 25

So I updated Flickr!

With the giving birth and all it has taken some time to get photos up on the computer...

But here are 2 projects I just finished!



This is the Pink Princess Blanket I made for N out of all the different types of pink yarns I had. She actually chose the order so I must say we have a little girl with very good tastes!


This is the blanket I made for baby J. I love bright colors and love babies in bright colors. This is for 2 reasons. One I don't like pastels... I just don't, not for me and if I have to carry baby it too close to me. I like bold colors. Second reason is that babies leak and stain things... pastels seem to show stains while bright colors do not as readily. Anyway, the blanket is felted and done! It looks so nice!

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