Saturday, October 25

"Crapola" yarn has ARRIVED!

I got the yarn today and I have to say that am VERY thankful the yarnarian was thoughtful enough to put it in a plastic ziploc-like bag. Why? Because I found the whole package covered in some kind of oil. I was so worried until I opened it and discovered that it was just fine, though I did have to cut it out of the bag. The yarn looks yummy. I will post pictures later...


KK said...

Hey m'dear! Had some free time before play practice (I'm in Arsenic and Old Lace this semester) and thought I'd see what you were up to. It's amazing how the little things can completely make a day... I hear you're coming home early for Christmas! I'm happy that we still are going to be able to do all the little traditions with you again this year--like Andre's! And I need to see my two little angels (not angles!) again. They grow so fast it astounds me! Love and miss you!

<3 KK

Meaghan said...

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Ruth said...

And that's why I put the yarn into plastic zip locks! Who knows where the pkg lives until it gets to you.

Enjoy the untangling.