Thursday, July 23

Avoidiance behavior

I am madly trying to get the house under control so I can have fun when my MIL comes. I know her, she will want to play, and so will I and if the house isn't completely she won't let us play (Sometimes I need to be sat on to get working... which is why I get along with her so well, she is as stubborn as me but twice as nice.)

So back to the house: It is driving me nuts, mostly because I don't have places to put most of these things and I need something to entertain the kids while I pay attention to this box I am unpacking and not to them. N is easier, give her crayons and paper and she is so happy she will color at the table (and not on it) for hours, but G... well, he wants to see mommy at all times so if mommy isn't in view, well the world has come to a screaming end.

We need to buy furniture (bookshelves mostly) but Hubby wants to be there when I buy it so that is on hold until he stops getting up at 03:30 (3:30 am) each morning to get to work and gets back at around 20:00 (8:00 pm). It is just frustrating.

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