Saturday, March 27

Easter Eggs hunt

The Assmebly of God Church in our area had a Easter Egg hunt today.  N and G had a blast.   G got about 6 eggs, while N got herself about 12. 

Knitting wise I am working on socks.  I have a design in the wings for one pair but promised hubby to get 2 projects fully completed before starting the designing process.  Don't think it will happen but I seem to have issues finishing items (like all those 95% completed projects on the side bar... yea... *stares at that for a second*... yea, still need to get photos and blocking figured out... blocking board needed...).  So we will see what happens.  Very likely I will start knitting them when the new baby is born in the hospital.  I will have 2 days child free so knitting time will be there to have!

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