Tuesday, December 9

Sorry for ignoring my blog

It is that time of year... uber busy time when you have to get all the x-mas stuff figured out and done and keep the house clean. Sadly, I won't be able to post regularly again until after the New Year some time.

Anyway, update:

G is crawling (ok, more like pulling himself forward with his arms and letting the legs just drag, though he does get up on all 4s he can't figure out how to more forward...) and he is eating solids quite well. He can not get food fast enough and if he has trouble sleeping, it is a guarantee that he wants more to eat.

N is playing little mother. She is convinced that G is her baby and she tries to help him crawl and tries to feed him (pretend feed him because she won't actually eat the goldfish, yogurt or anything else...).

I am finishing up x-mas presents. Some are wrapped most are not. We (kids and I) leave some time next week to my inlaws (plane should be landing at about 2:40) so wish me luck traveling alone with 2 kids under 4.

Anyway that is it for my update. Hopefully I will post again before the new year but who knows.


Aunt Kathy said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and safe plane travels too.

See you in 2009

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Libby. It was great seeing you and your beautiful family...Grandma Ginny