Friday, December 4

Ths photo issue is driving me NUTS!

I have photos... I have a computer and for some reason I can't download. It has been SEVERAL months of me taking photos and not doing anything with them. I have posts ready that just need a photo or 2 so that they can be complete (these are projects and I am refering to the photo in them so they are needed...) It is driving me nuts!


Lou Ann said...

When I had trouble downloading my photos I found that by taking out the memory card from the camera and putting it in my computer I had no problem. Somewhere along the line my camera actually became the problem. But I get my photos without any difficulty now. so try that, unless, of course, you already have.

MamaMay said...

The issue I have with that is that the computer itself doesn't have a place for a memory card. It only has a USB hole.

Anonymous said...

You can get a USB card reader for $5 or less online. I am not sure what they run at the big box stores. You put your SD memory card in the portable USB drive, and then plug it into your computer.