Saturday, March 21

babies + coffee

So now both children have now high amounts of caffeine. No I didn't let them drink coffee... they have both eaten coffee grounds/beans.

Hubby was making coffee this morning and dropped a few bean while filling the grinder.... and G is a fast crawler. You can guess what happened.

Though this is not how N ate coffee grounds. N is a finicky neat eater. In fact, when she spills any food on herself she INSISTS on a wash cloth to clean up and WILL NOT eat anymore until clean... she has always been like this. She is also VERY good at eating without spilling.

So when she was about 10 months old she got into the trash... or more notably, the coffee grounds in the trash. Being the super neat eater she was I didn't know she had eaten any coffee grounds and of course she didn't want to take her nap... and had a major diaper blow out.

She did this for about a week before I figured out that she was doing this. Looking back it is funny but at the time I was really frustrated that she was not taking naps because that was my "clean the house then knit" time.

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Aunt Kathy said...

Oh gosh that's too funny