Monday, March 2

New Houseing Frustration!

As mentioned before, we are moving soon and though I am not expecting to be given steep price discounts or have a perspective landlord "save" me a spot without prepaying for a saved spot, i do have a few "rules" that I follow before I am willing to rent... and it seems that NO ONE can meet these exceptions.

Now I don't think these expectations are super high either and to show you here is a list of my 3 prerequisites:
  1. 5 bedrooms (I know people are going to want to come visit for extended periods of time... we need the space!)
  2. yard with fence (I want to be able to plant things and have a swing set... or something like it)
  3. up to date on mortgage or at least be not in foreclosure (Come on, we just had 70-80% of homes foreclosed on in my area and I am going to guess that about 90% of those were rentals... I have seen people sign a lease and then a WEEK later be told by the bank that they have to move out! This is MANDATORY because I am not going to let it happen to ME!)
I can find LOTS of houses that I like in Hawaii that fit the first 2 prerequisites but I have yet to find a single landlord that can give me a straight answer and tell me that they are willing to take me to the bank and PROVE that they are up to date or not in foreclosure. SERIOUSLY people!

Anyway... end rant.


Aunt Kathy said...

You times are bad when #3 even has to be a condition. I have never asked a landlord that questions before, I hope you find one to comply.

km said...

I never considered that could be an issue. Definitely mandatory. Continue to trust God to supply your needs.