Saturday, October 24

No knitting... or coffee

Ok, since being preggo, I have omitted coffee from my diet. This has been hard, as it means I have to sleep more (9 or 10 hours instead of 7 or 8) and I am less focused (ADHD- self medicate with caffeine, which not nessarily good for you, is in my option better than the drugs they perscribe). These are not good things as I am falling behind in house work.

This means I am falling behind on knitting too. I have about 15 to 30 patterns that need finishing touches one way or the other for a PDF (mostly just knit, photograph and slap on the PDF) and then I can start selling those patterns. After I have the patterns ready I can make bundles of them and set it up as an Ebook. When I make money enough off the Ebook, I can actually publish the book and sell it! Of course I am still behind on the house so until that happens, I am having to put this whole thing on hold...

But hey, I still have Christ so it isn't all bad!

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