Tuesday, October 27


I was reading through my last months posts and realized how much stuff has changed. So I thought I would do an overall update post.

G is 18 months. He is right on target in walking and talking (actually he is a little advanced in the talking, but just by 2 months so not something to really get worked up over). His fav word is "I did it" followed by clapping. I am very sure he sees this as a word because it a phrase his sister uses at least 100 times a day. We also have him trained to put away his toys (he says "I did it" and claps after EVERY toy, it is soooo cute). He has started doing toilet training. So far he goes to the bathroom to poop while holding the toilet about half the time. I have caught a few times and actually gotten him in the toilet a few times. I love not having to clean poopy diapers and hope to catch him more often soon.

N just turned 4. She we got her a tricycle for her birthday. I was going to get a used one, but all the used ones I had found were beyond repair or more expensive to fix than new. I feel bad buying a new one... really I do. N also had surgery at the beginning of this month. (She had a cyst near her thyroid that she was born with... the doctors wanted to remove it because the cyst had the possibility of getting an antibiotic resistant infection sometime in the future. those same doctors wanted to wait until she was about 4 because then the neck would have grown (a smaller chance of complications) and it wasn't life threatening (why do it now when it will be safer to do later?).) For her surgery I got her a used playhouse for outside that was 30 dollars (a completely frivolous purchase, but one my daughter LOVES).

Well, that is about it.

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