Wednesday, December 15

An apology... and changes

Well, there is a bunch I need to apologize for.  For one thing, I have been way overwhelmed and have not been blogging.  I think it was the 3rd kid, moving yet again, hubbies hectic work schedule, N starting school and G just being 2. 

The people I need to really apologize to are my kids and hubby.  Sorry I didn't do something sooner.  (I also have to apologize to several people that I demonized that same medication to...)

You see I have ADHD.  Always have, but I have been unmediated for oh... 10+ years.  I was resistant to getting back on medication.  I saw it as a slap in the face that I wasn't good enough the way God made me, I disliked the transition time while it was taking effect but not quite there yet and the coming off of it, and I felt I could self medicate with coffee.  Well, the truth is NONE of us are "good" enough the way God made us or we wouldn't need salvation, I can live with the transitions for the good of my family, and coffee, though nice, wasn't really cutting it.  So now I am back on it.  It is amazing how much clarity I have.  I had forgotten.  I can actually not be distracted to the point of insanity, which means actually getting a load of dished done before the kids go to bed.

Now it isn't a bed of roses either.  I am reaping what I sowed before I was medicated, but those issues are easier to deal with now.

So like I said, sorry little ones and my loving and oh so patient hubby.  I should have done this a long time ago.

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