Friday, December 3


Ok, first I would like to apologize to my contest winner.  I mailed it out... and it came back to me... don't know why, but I will be mailing it out again soon (like with x-mas gifts) so you will get it.  I have no clue what happened.  Weirdness?

The last month has been really busy.  Papa (my dad) came to for 2 weeks.  The kids see him as a big toy.  N loves him so much and keeps asking when she will see him again.  G didn't really know him before and wants to go on a plane ride with him (N got to visit this summer... he thinks it is his turn...).  J didn't know what to think of him.  He was just getting used to him when the 2 weeks were up and it was time to go.   

Now for the family update:
J is sitting and FINALLY gaining weight.  We got him on Zantac about 4 weeks ago and since then we know he has gained at least 2 pounds (that was 2 weeks after starting the meds).  That takes him as a 12.6 pound baby at 7 months to 14.8 + pounds now at 8 months.  Talk about major gains! 

G had a major face plant and almost lost 4 teeth.  Yea.  We had to have x-rays and other fun stuff but he was a trooper and only cried when I freaked out at the amount of blood (I was more scares over the fact that I couldn't FIND his teeth with the amount of blood he was loosing).  So he had no solid food for 7 or 8 days.  it was fine I just fed him what the baby was eating.  He is better now but his teeth are no longer straight. 

N is liking school.  She loves her teacher and chocolate milk.  She is really looking forward to x-mas and wants her grandpa to come back.  She has been kinda mopey since he left.

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