Sunday, August 22

My 1st meal plan...

Ok, so it isn't my 1st really.  I did try this once before, about oh... 3 or 4 years ago.  And wow did I go over budget.  At the time we only had 50 dollars per person per month as the budget to run our household so that made 150 for a month.  I just could not do it, I did much better with my hodge podge way of just throwing something together from what we had on hand.

Now though I get 600 a month for food/household... well I feel rich get 150 dollars for my week!  (Of course we live in Hawaii now too and anyone can tell you it is expensive here!  And we have 5 mouths to feed too... still 120 per person per month just seems lavish!)

Anyway I think that now that I have more money I can experiment with this again... in fact I might save money... doubtful though... 

Rubens (Crock pot)
Steamed veggies (seasonal)

Shake and Bake Chicken
Mashed taters (hide 3 cups mashed taters)
steamed veggies (different than Mondays)

Shepard's pie (use left over veggies and taters)

Left over day

Grilled cheese and tomato soup

Lasagna (crock pot?)

left over day

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