Sunday, August 15

Ok, things are a bit calmer now

Well, now that things are calmer I am able to post again. 

Lets start with the house.  It is Japanese.  Yup, Shoji doors everywhere.  wood floors as well and unpainted wood walls.  It is so pretty!  We also have a WONDERFUL view of Honolulu and see rainbows every day!

N has been enrolled in school.  They call it Junior Kindergarten but since they don't have separate classes for "JK" and "K" here it really is just Kindergarten. 

We have lovely neighbors too.  JH is to our right and she has a 5 (boy), 3 (boy) and 6 month old (girl), so our kids kinda love playing all the time.  She has a great sense of style and, though she denies it, is a very good hostess.  She and I are sharing driving the kids to school.  She drives them to school and I pick them up.  It is so much easier than having to go 2 times a day.

Yarn wise I have got nothing done.  I am VERY behind on knitting.  I can't wait to get back to it.

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KHam said...

Congrats on the new home--and I'm so glad that our little darling is enjoying school! Be sure to take tons of pictures to remember it all...and so that me, M, Grandma H, and Papa can enjoy it by proxy. :) Hope all is well and happy housewarming!

<3 KK