Sunday, August 29

The things one learns in school...

Well, N is in Kindergarten.  That is right Hawaii takes kids as young as 4.5 years old and lets them go to kindergarten... whereas I was 6... but I digress. 

She is learning a lot there too.  Letters and letter sounds... writing her name... that  she wants black hair instead of blond.... Oh wait... that isn't good.  I can't blame her for thinking this last bit.  She is the ONLY blond in her class and 1 of the 2 students that is not Asian... in fact her teacher is Asian.  Now this isn't all bad either.  She is getting very well versed in animes that are for her age group.  And is with any hope falling out of the Disney Princess thing (has anyone noticed how all the princesses have dead or absent mothers?  Yea... not good...).

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