Monday, January 24

Book Review: A Year with God

About 3 months ago I got a book from booksneeze titled A Year with God by R.P. Nettelhorst.  The book is about only finding verses that actually have God talking (and no, that doesn't include the Son, Jesus or the Holy Spirit, just God the Father and his decrees).   You can learn a lot about God just by looking at what He says and does. 

I haven't actually finished it but am at about day 40 and like it.  The reflections over the scripture is by far not the only thing to be gleaned from the scripture but it is a good starting point.  The Author sections what God says into different subjects like "Love and Hate" and "Faith and Doubt" and then goes more in depth with the subject.  This is nice because if you feel the need to study "Forgiveness and Anger" then you can just jump and start there.  Now, Would I actually go and BUY this book.  Unlikely.  It conveys Biblical truth but I feel I don't have the time to follow up with it every day on top of my normal Biblical routine.  This is a GREAT book for you if you are trying to get into reading the Bible everyday this is a good starter as it feeds you and then allows you to go deeper as you feel.

As always I got this book fro free via Booksneeze so I could write a truthful review about it.  I don't get any other compensation other than the book I am reviewing and well maybe I get found by search engines when people search the book title... but I doubt that last part. Also if you would like to get FREE Christian Books to review on your blog you can sign up for free too!

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