Saturday, January 22

Swag Bucks!

Search & WinRecently I found Swag Bucks and it is really cool.  I have made an account and downloaded the toolbar and just been searching.  So far I have earned enough for 3 Amazon 5 dollar gift card... All in 3 weeks.  Think about all the stuff you could buy if you got 5 dollars free each week just searching for stuff like you normally would... yea... that may pay for a rather large chunk of Christmas next year... or just let me buy crazy stuff I want to own... like more stitch dictionaries...

On that  note, if you JOIN Swagbucks through my link I get EXTRA points meaning more free stuff!  So please, if you don't have an account... well, click the picture in this post and get one?  You can be earning  GREAT cool stuff too (though the Amazon gift card is the best deal per point... math nerd me figured that out.)

Speaking of which, I am also now an Amazon Associate.  That means if anyone out there loves me they can come to my blog and click through the link to Amazon and then search whatever they want and I get money when you buy it!

(Yes, I put a link to a stitch dictionary... I like them ok? and right now I am into lace, with how in Hawaii it is always hot and all...)

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